We offer sports vision evaluations; sports-specific visual prescriptions; visual performance enhancement training; and post-concussion examinations and rehabilitation.

About Us

The UC Berkeley Sports Vision Institute is a joint endeavor by the Cal Intercollegiate Athletics Department and the UC Berkeley’s Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry & Vision Science to provide state-of-the-art sports vision services to the Berkeley campus and to the general population. 

Our Services

How is a sports vision exam different from a comprehensive eye exam? 

A sports vision examination focuses on the visual demands of your sport. From lighting conditions to the different directions of gaze you use during play, a sports vision exam looks beyond the standard 20/20 correction to determine what needs to be done to make you see better and more efficiently with the ultimate goal of improving your athletic performance. 

Are you wearing the right optical correction? 

Fashion glasses are not made with impact-resistant materials—if you wear your day-to-day glasses during your sport, you could be putting your eyes at risk of injury! It is imperative to your eye health that you wear impact-resistant frames and lenses. 

Consider contact lenses 

Some athletes benefit from a specialty contact lens prescription designed specifically for athletic performance—the fit, materials, and visual performance of a contact lens can affect how efficiently you see during the game. 

Would you like to enhance your visual performance? 

Sports place the highest demand on eye coordination, eye movements, and visual perception. Sports vision performance training works to increase your visual efficiency—if you can process visual information more quickly, you can react sooner, and get an edge in the game. 

Have you suffered from a sports concussion? 

Research has proven that the visual system is impacted by concussion. In fact, there is a nearly 70% incidence of at least one visual diagnosis post-concussion. And these visual deficits and symptoms can linger for months or even years. 

Advanced Technology 

State-of-the-art diagnostic and training tools used by professional teams and trainers, such as neurotracker, senaptec sensory station, and binovi touch light boards are integrated into our treatment plans. 

Can the Sports Vision Clinic Help?

  • Do you have difficulty keeping your eye on the ball? 
  • Do you have difficulty with depth perception? 
  • Do you have a hard time seeing in different lighting conditions? 
  • Is your performance inconsistent during practices and games? 
  • Do you have difficulty seeing both the ball and other players at the same time? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, book an appointment with us. Our goal is to give athletes of all levels the visual edge they need to perform. 

Sports Vision Facts

A fastball takes .4 seconds to reach home plate after it leaves a pitcher’s hand, but a hitter needs a full .25 seconds to see the ball and react. From NPR 

See better; play better. We give athletes the visual edge they need to perform. 

Contact Us

Appointments can be made in person or by telephone.

Sports Vision Clinic
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Clinic Chief
Jeremy Shumaker, OD
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