Wertheim Foundation pledges $50 million to Berkeley Optometry

This transformational commitment constitutes the lead gift for a 10-year, $100 million investment.

nicole and herbert wertheim

We Support the Vaccine Mandate

As a primary health care profession, Berkeley Optometry supports UC’s policy of mandatory vaccination.

Marlena Chu with surgical mask

The Promise of Optogenetics

Using a technique called optogenetics, scientists partially restored a blind person’s sight.

Refractive Surgery Center Voted Best in the East Bay

Berkeley Optometry has been voted “Best LASIK Eye Surgery” by readers of the East Bay Express!

East Bay Express Winner Logo

Now Offering New Innovative Contact Lens Technology

Berkeley Optometry is now offering the EyePrint impression process for creating specialized contact lenses for patients that require a custom fit.

Vaccines Underway for Clinical Faculty and Students

We are pleased to announce that our clinical faculty and students have been receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations!

Eye exams that can tell you about your health

“The eye is a magical place…it can really be a window into your brain health.”

Photo of researcher looking at computer screen.

How Glaucoma Causes Vision Loss

Dean and Professor John Flanagan is featured in this excellent video on how glaucoma causes vision loss.

Photo of eye anatomy graphic

Protecting Your Eyes from COVID-19

Wearning glasses or sun glasses can protect from infection through your ocular (eye) surface.

female patient modeling glasses.

Ramping Up Telehealth

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Berkeley Optometry is now offering Telehealth appointments.

female telehealth patient on computer screen.