This study is investigating whether the use of an eye drop used daily before bedtime can safely slow the progression of myopia in children. Currently closed for enrollment.

Who is Eligible?

Your child may be able to participate if: 

  • They are between the ages of 3-10 years old.
  • Their current glasses prescription is between -0.50 D and -6.00 D, with no more than -1.50 D of astigmatism.

What the Study Involves

This is a 4-year study. During the study, your child will be asked to:

  • Use the study medication as directed by the study doctor.
  • Attend study visits every 3 months at the optometry clinic.
  • Attend visits every 6 months to have your child’s eye health checked.

Will Your Child Benefit from the Study?

Your child’s myopia may or may not progress while s/he is in the study. The results of this study may help children with myopia in the future.

Other Things You Should Know

You will be compensated for travel to and from the study site (up to $30 per visit) and will receive up to $200 per year reimbursement for glasses or contact lenses. Female participants of childbearing potential will be asked to undergo a urine pregnancy test at each study visit.

Principal Investigator

The principal investigator for this study is Dr. Sarah Kochik. For more information, contact us at